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Visi.io is the open source part of Visi.Pro.

Visi.io is a language, runtime, and development environment written in Haskell (and a little Objective-C) that runs on the iPad and in the Cloud.  Visi.io and Visi.Pro will make writing beautiful, interactive iPad facing, Cloud powered apps super simple.

See a screencast of building Visi models.

The Visi.io project was founded by David Pollak who also founded the Lift web framework (and one day, the two will play nicely together).

If you're a programming languages geek and groove on type systems or you're an iPad developer that yearns for something easier than Objective-C to write your killer iPad apps, please join our Community and influence the direction of Visi.io and maybe even contribute code!

For more information, please see the Visi Language Document.

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