Community Standards (borrowed from the Lift community)

The community strives to be a warm and welcoming place to newbies and seasoned users alike. If you've got a question, the community will try to provide a substantive answer (not RTFM.)

The mailing list is the official support channel for Currently, there is no IRC channel.

Please be polite on the mailing list. Please say "please" and "thank you." The community tries to be timely with answers, but very often a question may not get an answer for a few days. Being a squeaky wheel about getting an answer will not make it happen any faster.

Disagreements... there are plenty of ways to approach technical issues. Lift was built from user feedback and we try to foster a community in which feedback is encouraged. But this implies certain ground rules:

  • You can disagree with a person's opinion, but please continue to respect the person
  • Using words like "nightmare", "sucks", and other similar words will not help your cause. Please spend time working on the positives of your position rather than focusing on the negatives of other peoples' positions.
  • You may have to agree to disagree

New member of the group are moderated (this radically reduces spam). You may have to wait 2 to 24 hours for a post to be moderated. Please do not repost the same question if you don't see it show up immediately.

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